How are You Taking Care of Yourself?

How Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

Self-care is about feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally. So many of us are moving non stop everyday, our lives are filled to to the brim with obligations and to do’s. To make it all happen with ease, grace and joy it is helpful for body, mind, and spirit to be in balance. We need to make sure every part of us is nourished and cared for before we can care for others. Think of the analogy of the flight attendant telling us to apply our own oxygen mask first before helping the next person. We have to fill ourselves up before we can give to others, physically and emotionally.

Massage, as a form of self-care, incorporates body, mind and spirit. Physically, the soft tissue/muscle is manipulated. Mindfully, massage gives you a chance to shut your brain off and soak in the relaxation time. Emotionally, along with the physical bodywork, there is an endorphin release (those feel good hormones that are known to reduce pain and promote happiness).

Try incorporating this healthy form of self care into your busy life. You’ll experience an increased feeling of well being, decreased stress and increased relaxation. You’ll feel great and relaxed and you’ll be better able to handle your responsibilities and more easily open to giving and receiving love.

You deserve a break! Take some time for yourself or think of Mom this Mother’s Day and get a massage.

Featured Product: Stress Positive Eye Lift

Stress Positive Eye Lift is a high-performance eye treatment and masque that energizes the skin to reduce visible signs of stress. As a plant based, natural product this cooling cream-gel treatment and masque visibly lifts and energizes the eye area while brightening and de-puffing circles under the eyes. Here are some benefits from the main ingredients:

  • Wild Indigo Seed actives help reduce the appearance of dark circles.
  • Fermented Yeast helps firm skin and generate a lifting effect.
  • Sea Water Extract and Arctic Algae counter the look of puffiness.   Let Stress Positive Eye Lift minimize the visible signs of stress! Use as needed for a quick boost, or daily, to address signs of chronic eye fatigue.

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