Kate’s Experience

I’ve relied on Kate, an InBalance client, for feedback on Age Bright Clearing Serum.  Kate is 25 year old woman who has been dealing with Cystic Acne for 10 years.  About 5 years ago, the acne intensified. Kate has been coming for monthly skin treatments for 1.5 years and has added the Age Bright Clearing Serum to her Dermalogica home care routine for the last 3 months. 

Kate’s thoughts –

  • A decrease in cystic acne especially during hormonal times “not a single large, angry hormonal breakout with my precycle.”  ”I usually have at least three or four large ones on my cheeks or forehead. My jaw line is always a problem but even there, nothing major.”
  • It feels good!  “this serum is tacky upon application then dries down completely” 
  • “My skin texture is 300 million times better. Yes, 300 million.”
  • I don’t know if I could ever tell you how much this whole journey has changed my skin and how much more confidence I have.  It has also taught me no one’s perfect but a regimen was definitely needed.”
Thanks Kate!    

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