Massage…Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle!

“Massage surprised me.  I thought it was just a pampering that some women budgeted for themselves.  I, however, was told by a co-worker that it might help my stiff neck and shoulders caused by repeated actions performed in my job.  From my very first massage, I knew it would become part of my “team” that kept me well.

I learned through my massage therapist where I held the tension in my body, and where my body was unbalanced causing tension and strain on my muscles.  As the massage therapist worked on my body, it was like she was reading the muscles inside me and taking away all the damage I had done to them. 

After many years of getting massages, I still feel like it is the most important wellness appointment I make for myself.  In learning more about the inside muscular map of my body, through my massage therapist, I am aware of, and change, stressful actions I do to my body. By caring for my body through massage, I truly feel it is keeping me more active.  I also feel that with less tense muscles pulling on joints, I am able to be a healthier active person.”

-Linda R., Hatfield

Above is feedback from a long time InBalance client who reaps the benefits of regular massage, having incorporated it into her healthy lifestyle.

What do you think of when you think about massage? A relaxation treat while on vacation? A tool to work out the aches and pains or lower your stress level? All of the above are examples of what makes massage an essential part of your healthy lifestyle. While we know massage is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension did you know regular massage can also:

  • Improve and increase circulation
  • Soothe anxiety and depression
  • Encourage restful sleep
  • Decrease frequency and severity of tension headaches as well as stress related high blood pressure therefore reducing the need for medication
  • Improve concentration & memory
  • Improve joint range of motion & flexibility
  • Enhance immune system functioning by stimulating lymph flow (your body’s defense system)

I know – at this point – you’re telling me to say no more! Sign me up! It’s a health tool that we almost can’t live without! If you’re ready to take on any of the above health benefits – call us and book your massage today. 215-490-2900. 

Nightly Lip Treatment

Dermalogica’s latest innovative skin treatment addresses the signs of aging in the lips.  The Nightly Lip Treatment responds to the lips unique needs by firming and hydrating to reduce the appearance of lip aging. The mouth is one of the first to reveal signs of aging.  Nightly Lip Treatment is an anti-aging lip and perioral (around the mouth) treatment that smooths the appearance of laugh and feather lines while you sleep.  This treatment will help restore skin volume on and around the lips as well as hydrate to improve skin elasticity and restore barrier function against visible signs of aging.  Get started minimizing laugh lines, marionette lines and feather lines around the mouth or better yet, prevent them before they start. 

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