Massage Therapy

Massage is a vital part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and should not be viewed as a luxury. From back pain to headaches to chronic disorders, it can ease discomfort, reduce the need for medication and decrease overall stress. It is a vital part of your continued well-being. Think of massage just like you would think of any other tune-up: without it you are just increasing the odds of a breakdown. Massage works to help keep you InBalance especially when done on a regular basis!

Rehabilitative Massage

Focuses on specific physical issues relieving built-up tension, chronic pain, trauma or injury. Each treatment is customized to the individual’s needs. Repeat sessions may be appropriate.
60 minutes $88
75 minutes $100
90 minutes $110

Relaxing Massage

If you prefer a lighter touch, unwind with this light pressure, calming, and therapeutic approach.
60 minutes $88
75 minutes $100
90 minutes $110

Easing Tech Neck

A massage/therapeutic yoga session. The yoga posture will stretch, open and lengthen the neck and upper body. The massage will include Thai massage which involves assisted stretching and deep compression.
60 minutes $88
75 minutes $100
90 minutes $110

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy the heat and energy of the stones and slip away.
75 minutes $108

Pregnancy Massage

Focuses on the appropriate needs of an expectant mother, and addresses common complaints of pregnancy.
75 minutes $100

CBD Infused Massage

Our Rehabilitative Massage utilizing DaCrema Botanicals CBD Massage Oil.  The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agents of CBD reduces inflammation within muscles and joints.  CBD also promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety and enhances sleep.  Our CBD is made with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (FSHO). CBD is non psychoactive.
60 minutes $98
75 minutes $110
90 minutes $120

Deluxe Massage

Enjoy a full body massage with a skin treatment to your back and neck.  The skin treatment will be customized to your needs, relieving dry, itchy skin, or eliminating back acne, leaving your skin smooth and healthy.
75 minutes $115

The Combo

Enjoy the facial of your choosing along with a stress relieving, relaxing massage.
120 minutes $160

Kinesiology Taping

Gently lifts the skin and connective tissue covering a muscle, creating space so that blood and lymphatic fluids can move more freely in and around the targeted muscle, cleansing the inflamed tissue. Athletes often utilize this modality.
$15/application site with additional treatments