Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies are a great option for getting your body, mind and spirit InBalance. These time tested therapies have been shown to be effective for many. They may be used as either stand-alone therapies or in conjunction with other treatments.


Reflexes in the feet correspond with the whole body. This treatment can be beneficial in decreasing symptoms of conditions such as migraines, constipation, high or low blood pressure as well as orthopedic concerns, therefore, restoring balance to the body.
60 minutes $75


An energy technique that promotes healing, stress reduction, and relaxation.
60 minute $80
30 minutes $45

Reiki Plus

Biofield and Chakra clearing and balancing using Vibrational Therapy (Tuning Forks) and Reiki. The combination of these two techniques creates an effective and comprehensive treatment with harmony and balance as the goal. We tune and clear the energetic field, we bring the clear and harmonious energy back into our center, and then we activate the chakras and ensure they align with each other facilitating the flow of new energy.

60 minutes $80
3 Session Series $210