By Crystal Malantonio LMT, Level II Reiki

Energy has many forms including motion, heat, light, and sound. We know that by a particles’ simple interaction with another particle, the burst of energy in this interaction can create matter. As stars, planets, and galaxies were formed from this energy they produced their own motion, variance in temperature and created light and/or vibrational patterns of their own. It was later scientifically proven that the universe and everything in it (including our earth) has its own energetic field. Likewise, the human body’s composition from a single strand of DNA to the organs, systems and the body as a whole creates its own energy and vibrational pattern which radiates outward. This is called the biofield. When our own energy is balanced, our energetic biofield falls within a frequency range that is harmonious with our earth’s energetic field and the biofield of those around us. Harmony, balance, and homeostasis are at the center of this energetic and vibrational healing technique.

The human biofield energy is based in the core of what is known as the chakras. The word chakra in Sanskrit means wheel, the chakras are visibly represented by spinning wheels located in various points (energy centers) throughout the body. There are seven main chakras that begin at the base of the spine and work up to the crown of the head. Each chakra maintains assigned physical, emotional and spiritual attributes. They are also each associated with one of the seven colors of our light spectrum. Each chakra also creates a vibrational pattern as it flows with energy, creating a frequency, which can also be attributed to one of seven notes on our musical scale from “c” to “c”.

The core of our energy (chakras) is also the core of ourselves. Who we identify as “us” or “I” in the present space we occupy. This initial energy radiates from our chakras outward, like a “ripple in water”. Creating its own vibrational pattern similar to a tree’s rings. So if the core is the present, the next logical thought would be that also like a tree’s rings, the further outward you go, the further into the past you are going. Our human biofield can range up to approximately 6ft away from the body or more depending on the strength and flow of energy. At this distance, we would be working with the energy surrounding one’s birth. If we moved in about halfway we would be working with energy surrounding childhood or teenage years. If we moved out further from birth we may be looking back at the energy surrounding conception, or further back into the vibrational pattern of our parents or grandparents or ancestors. Since we share our DNA with our ancestors, we may store their vibrational patterns which may be out of harmony with our own biofield from before the time of our birth!

As we move through life and become more self-actualized some of our experience may be traumatic or painful to us. Sometimes “negative” emotions and traumatic experiences are pushed from the mind as a means of escaping these pains. When this happens, the energy surrounding these emotions and experiences is pushed from our chakras into the outer biofield and they remain in the biofield along the timeline ‘”tree ring” of when they happened.

This can be problematic for two reasons. One, this “casted out” energy maintains its own frequency which is most likely not in harmony with the rest of the energetic field. This causes disturbance in the overall vibrational pattern, the “ripple in the water”. Two, this energy creates its own mass. Much like it is easier to carry a gallon of water if it is closer to your body, it is much harder to carry this energy outside of your center. The shift of energy from within us to our outer field leaves our energy centers (chakras) weakened. We may feel stressed or fatigued, irritable or depressed. This lack of energy flow may also surface as physical pains or ailments.

Tuning forks can be used to detect these disturbances in the biofield. By using forks that correlate with each chakras frequency we can also re-introduce the natural, harmonious frequency to the biofield and energy center. Essentially “tuning” your energetic vibration back to a natural pattern. Once the energy is flowing harmoniously, the tuning forks’ vibration also helps to move this energetic mass from the outer field back into the energy center (chakras) where it belongs.

Reiki is defined as Universal Life Force Energy. A Reiki Practitioner is able to channel the abundantly flowing energy from the universe and transfer it to the energetic field/center of the recipient. This helps to activate and stimulate the flow of energy bringing the physical and energetic body back to homeostasis.

Combining these two techniques creates an effective and comprehensive treatment. With harmony and balance being our goal. We tune and clear the energetic field, we bring the clear and harmonious energy back into our center, and then we activate the chakras and ensure they align with each other to facilitate the flow of the new energy.